Encare™ Stress Reduction Program

Compassion, Awareness, Resilience & Enjoyment Training

EnCARE  is a 16hr ʻself-healthcareʼ educational training program for healthcare professionals developed by Tammy Bernard, M.Ed., E-RYT and offered through UF Health Integrative Medicine Program. Using a variety of techniques and evidence-based mind-body practices, EnCARE is designed to enable medical professionals to develop greater awareness and efficient skills for responding to the physical, emotional and mental stress associated with burnout and caregiver fatigue. During the Eight-Week Program, participants are trained to practice ʻskillful livingʼ, i.e., being more present in their lives with moment-to- moment awareness in a simple, non-judgmental way; thus allowing for greater acceptance, ease and openness to life and what each moment has to offer.

Fundamental Practices of EnCARE 

    • Meditation and Guided Relaxation
    • Gentle Yoga and Stretching
    • Breathing Techniques and Resilience Practices
    • Self-Inquiry and Wisdom Tradition Teachings
    • Mindfulness Practices and Group Sharing

“Once we have held ourselves with kindness, we can touch others in a vital healing way.” 

– Tara Brach, PhD 
Psychologist, Author, Meditation Teacher

Highlights of UF Health Pilot Outcomes in 2013

(Delivered to 7 Nurse Mgrs & 11 Oncology Nurses)

Burnout (MBI)
Emotional Exhaustion- 17% improvement Depersonalization- 29% improvement


Burnout- 15% improvement
Secondary Traumatic Stress- 18% improvement


Perceived Stress- 32% Improvement

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